About Bryan


Bryan Divisions is a spiritual and mystic artist, rapper, and producer whose mission is to unite the world through unity consciousness.

Born and raised in Washington DC, there within him was always an innate sense that there was more to life and love than what was visually perceived in the world. 

As he got older, this blossomed into his drive to discover the greater and deeper aspects of life beyond the physical veil. 

In his 20's, he began a journey of relinquishing all the previously ingrained belief systems he learned throughout life which only served to limit him, such as fear and doubt. This created a space which allowed room for new beliefs to enter his consciousness.

Through conscious meditation and experiences with multidimensional medicines, his perception of life expanded beyond the physical body, allowing him to understand more of his role as a being with many lives throughout the universe. 

This process of self-exploration and discovery began to reveal the unity of creation and the perception that everything we experience has been created from the energy of love, the same energy which created us. 

As music found its way into his life, Bryan began creating beats and rhythms that reflect his own journey of balancing internal darkness and light on his path to become whole. The melodies and percussion in his music serve as a platform for his channeled lyrics to celebrate the message of oneness. 

As a creator and an artist, Bryan is constantly learning, expanding, and expressing new messages of love to the world.