About Bryan



Bryan Divisions is a rapper and producer who creates a unique style of music inspired by the themes of spirituality, self-realization, personal growth, love, and equality. As a young child, he often would write lyrics and poems in notepads to express his emotions, but it wasn't until nearly two decades later, in 2015, that he released his first self produced album, 'Shivai'.

By blending and balancing his negative and positive experiences, his music is an accurate and honest portrayal of a being on the path of self-realization and self discovery, one who's attempting to make sense of himself and a world out of touch with nature. While delivering optimistic and hopeful lyrics on his emotionally inspired productions, Bryan creates musical environments filled with affirmations and honesty that help us delve into our subconscious.

His lyrics are a reminder that we are the creators of our realities, and that a new balanced world is possible when we first balance out our own internal energies as individuals.

Bryan's desire to share his experiences and connect with others has led him to create his second album, 'Surrender', a musical journey of overcoming conflicting beliefs and energies in order to surrender to his heart.