'Become Yourself - A Guidebook to Discovering Your Higher Self' by Bryan Divisions is a 111 page workbook designed to help you discover your true core beliefs and shift your reality into alignment with your true self.


“In our world today, it is easy to feel lost, withdrawn, vacant, and uninspired. As we attempt to make sense of the world around us, our thoughts and actions can often leave ourselves and others in mental, or even physical pain.

Without a connection to our own truths or a willingness to learn, we are destined to relive history time and time again without any lessons learned or progress made.

Upon realizing this when I was a teenager, I decided to seek out and discover my own truths. Throughout many years of ups and downs and twists and turns, filled with joy as well as desperation, I finally began to understand. In this book, I sum up the most important things I have learned to help you discover a unique perspective on the world around you. Your own."

- Bryan Divisions

'Become Yourself' was written as I went through a very challenging period in my life. I realized I needed to make a shift in regards to how I viewed and created my world, and the first step towards this shift was discovering my true beliefs about life.

By focusing on how I truly felt about health, money, friendships, relationships, family, purpose, self, and God, I was able to redefine my life on my terms and begin to create a life which mirrored my internal core values.

In 'Become Yourself', I help you discover your true beliefs so you can begin creating a new life based on love, empowerment, and self-value.

After each chapter in this 111 page guidebook, I offer space for you to write down and focus on your individual core beliefs. This act of searching for your deepest truths brings deeper clarity, greater understanding, and lasting change into your life.'


Tim 5/5

Bryandivisions, musical artist and published writer, is an amazing human with a deep connection to his true self. This book of his helps to shed some light for those seeking their true, authentic selves as well. I am a licensed massage therapist and my specialty is helping people feel connected to themselves, this book helps me connect to myself and therefore allows me a greater sense of wholeness so I can help others even more. Highly recommend the read for anyone, at any age.

Jenny 5/5

A positive book for anyone of any age and at any stage in their spiritual journey- even if the words "spiritual journey" are new and unknown, this book is truly for everyone. "Become Yourself" is a guidebook which allows the reader the opportunity to reflect on their beliefs, question where they came from and developed, and invites you to re-define them in new ways to allow for greater growth and a better, more fulfilling life. In each chapter, there is a section where the writer gives a brief background into his beliefs on Health, Money, Friendships, Relationships, Family, Purpose, Self and God, followed by a section where you can write in your beliefs on these topics and begin to get a better understanding of how these beliefs turn into subconscious patterns and actions that may or may not serve you. With self-reflection comes new ideas and inspiration to truly "become yourself"- to remember who you really are, a being of light and unconditional love, a truth seeker with the potential to do anything you desire and to greater impact the world.



'Discover and become yourself, you're not here to be someone else.'