Compassion Is the Key

Compassion is integral to our joy and happiness. To hold compassion for all life around us represents our alignment with our true selves, the beings we are who hold no judgment, who can see beyond the imperfections and the differences in our world, and who accept others and ourselves the way we are.

In our modern lives, we are confronted with many polarities. The mainstream news feeds us with images of violence, war, and people doing the ‘wrong’ things. We are systematically desensitized and begin to start seeing other humans beings as ‘less than’. Generalizations cast over our perceptions of people of other religions, nationalities, and cultures. We are given an opinion through the media and subconsciously we may agree with these judgments after hearing them over and over again.

Unfortunately, compassion is not part of the media’s equation to increase ratings and ad revenue. The newscasters all seem to speak in a robotic and monotone voice, rarely allowing emotion and feeling to slip through. Even if we stopped watching the TV news, we now have Facebook and Twitter spewing their trending stories to us, catching us off guard with headlines which rarely highlight a compassionate perspective.

To find the compassion that we need to feel alive and unified, we must look inside, and see how we are connected with the world around us. The ability to see ourselves as equal with not only other human beings but all life on Earth has a tremendous impact on not only how we interact with others, but how this ripple effect begins to affect the planet as a whole.


Imagine the homeless person who asks for money, and then receives a $20 bill from a kind passerby, which she then uses to buy not only herself but others food. Imagine the sense of belief that has been restored to her because she believes it is possible that she will be taken care of and provided for, even in her hard times. Now imagine how this has an impact on those she buys food for. One compassionate act can change the perspective of many people, and help spread even more compassion.

Compassion equals equality. We are here to understand our oneness in the midst of different personalities, skin colors, sexual orientations, and religious views. We are here to be stewards of the Earth by taking care of it, not by dominating it. Through compassion, we can reach new heights and greater connection with our world and bring in a new age of existence.

Go inside and let go of your judgments. Allow humbleness to wash over you and see yourself as no worse or no better than anyone or anything else. Allow respect to rise from your heart for the Earth that gives you life, for the trees that give you air, for the people who give you connection. Allow compassion to be your driving force, because through compassion you are able to align with divinity and share your love with the world.