'Illuminate is a song about the lightworkers of the world.
We all have light within us, and when we share our truth with others we activate peace and love within ourselves.'

Written, produced, and directed by Bryan Divisions

Who is Bryan Divisions?


Bryan Divisions is a mystic rapper and producer who writes about overcoming our fears, discovering our true selves, and expressing unconditional love. His music is inspired by the full spectrum of human emotion, from the divisions we experience beginning at birth, to our union of oneness with life and all of creation.

Born in Washington, DC, and now living in Asheville, NC, he released his first album 'Shivai' in 2015, an 8 song journey through music, metaphysics, and intense self reflection.

The Divisions symbol represents the movement beyond limitation and that which no longer serves us, a path which leads us to the discovery of our true nature.

The truth is, we are worthy, we are loved, we are enough, and we have the power and ability to create anything we wish, including ourselves.

Divisions is truly about the 'divine visions' our souls have to self actualize.

'Keep moving forward, keep growing, and keep loving.'

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